Schematic diagrams of reclamation systems with conductive network of polymer pipes of large diameter
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Author: A. I. Mitrakhovich, V. M. Makoed, S. M. Lavushev, A. P. Sergeenya
Article code: UDC 626.862.4

Keywords:  reclamation system, contour of fields, drainage, large diameter pipes, schematic diagram, channel, collector, wide-grip agricultural machinery, length of the run.

// Мелиорация.– 2020. – №2(92) – P 12–17

The article justifies the need to develop basic schemes of reclamation systems using polymer pipelines in some cases instead of conducting channels. The developed design of polymer wells-regulators on these pipelines describes. Basic diagrams of conducting network are based on design solutions of melioration systems taking into account hydrogeological and natural conditions of objects. In the system structures it is proposed to use horizontal drainage together with water dug-out reservoir and settling tanks on discharge pipelines. The design solutions of the basic diagrams are due to the existing tendency to increase the area of drainage systems, which allows to increase the coefficient of land use