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Scientific Journal «Land reclamation» has been published since 2004 year. It is a legal successor of Scientific Works Collection «Waterlogged land reclamation» published since 1951. 
Journal presents the results of scientific research and practical recommendations for land reclamation issue and the use of drained lands. Journal «Land reclamation» is included into Highest Attestation Commission list as reviewed scientific publication what presents the results of dissertation research.  

Journal Founder: Republican Scientific Unitary Subsidiary Enterprise “Institute for Land Reclamation”. Certificate of state registration of mass media, is registered by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus of May 25, 2009 № 411.
Journal is peer-reviewed. Articles or separate excerpts may be quoted if the original source is identified. Editorial Board is not responsible for author inaccuracies. Editorial opinion may not coincide with the author views. Manuscripts will not be returned. Journal is published quarterly. 

Editor-in-Chief: Anatoly Likhatsevich Grand PhD in Engineering Sciences, Corresponding Member, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus

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Full name Membership in the National Academy of Sciences, academic degree,  
academic title
Work place, position The development of the respective scientific directions
Anatoly Likhatsevich
Grand PhD in Engineering Sciences, Prof., Corresponding Member, National Academy of Sciences, Belarus RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, 
Principle Research Associate
Land reclamation, irrigation Improved management of water regime on reclaimed lands
Anatoly Meerovsky 
Editor-in-Chief Deputy 
(8017) 331-61-18
Grand PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Prof. RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, 
Principle Research Associate
Agricultural use of reclaimed lands. Hayfield and pastures. The study of the growth and meadow phytocenoses. The development of effective system for producing herbal feed. Long- term high-yield hayfields and pastures.
Eduard Mikhnevich 
(8017) 237-04-58
Grand PhD in Engineering Sciences, Prof. Belarusian National State University, Prof., Water supply and sanitation dept. Hydraulic Engineering. Stability of river beds and canals, hydro ecology and water supply.
Nikolay Semenenko 
(8017) 212-56-43
Grand PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Prof. RUE “Institute for Agronomy and Agrochemistry”, 
Principle Research Associate
Peat lands use. Transformation of organic matter, nitrogen, bio-chemical and energy properties of peat soils. Inorganic nutrition. Productivity of agricultural crops on transformed soils.
Vladimir Zhelyazko(802233) 7-97 27 Grand PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Assistant Professor Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, Dean, Reclamation and Construction Dept. Land Reclamation, livestock effluents irrigation, irrigation regime. Ecological zoning of pollution of sod-podzolic soils caused by livestock effluents irrigation.
Petr Tivo 
(8017) 292-71-44
Grand PhD in Agricultural Sciences RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, Head of Laboratory of Drained Mineral Lands The use of drained mineral lands. Adaptive crop rotation based on a detailed circuit assessment of agro landscapes and reclamation organizing of territory. Regulation of organic balance in drained mineral soils of Poozerie.
Nikolay Vakhonin 
(8017) 292-47-14
PhD in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, 
Monitoring and modeling of reclamation systems. Informational systems, data ware for estimating the efficiency of reclamation activities and rational use of lands in farms located on reclaimed lands. Implementation of agro ecological monitoring.
Alexander Anzhenkov
(8017) 292-48-24 
PhD in Engineering Sciences RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, 
Deputy Director
Exploitation of reclamation systems. Scientific and technological methods, modes of technical status estimation, planning and implementation of exploitation activities.
Viktor Kondratyev
(8017) 292-47-02
Grand PhD in Engineering Sciences,
RUE «Institute for Land Reclamation», 
chief researcher
Mechanization of land reclamation and agricultural work.
Improvement and creation of new industrial technologies and means of mechanization.
Yury Mozhaysky
(8 107) 4912-28-82-67
Grand PhD in Agricultural Sciences,
Meschersky branch of the FGBNU VNIIGIM them. A.N. Kostyakov, 
chief researcher
Melioration, use of reclaimed land.
Technical solutions to ensure the environmental safety of land reclamation systems, agriculture and crop production on reclaimed technogenically polluted lands.
Eduard Shkutov
(8017) 288-57-64
PhD in Engineering Sciences RUE “Institute for Land Reclamation”, 
Head of Laboratory of Reclamation Systems Improving
Land reclamation, drainage. Reconstruction and restoration of reclamation systems using modernization, additional hydro engineering, agro- reclamation and technical activities in a variety of soil conditions.