Hydraulic calculation of an open channel in the HEC-RAS environmentcylinders to reduce vibrations in the soil environment (2)
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Author: I. A. Romanov
Article code: UDC 627.836

Ключевые слова: channel, hydraulic calculation, Chezy coefficient, watercourse, HEC-RAS

// Мелиорация.— 2022. – №4(102) – С 30–39

The possibility of using the HEC-RAS software for hydraulic calculations of an open network with an assessment of the adequacy of the calculation results in relation to the methods and calculation formu-las used in Belarus is considered. Comparison of the calculation results (obtained in HEC-RAS with the recommended formulas given in the normative, reference and educational literature) showed that the obtained values have deviations from 1 to 20 %. Data analysis allows us to conclude that HEC-RAS can be used as an alternative method for hydraulic calculation of open channels.