Nutritional value and productivity of herbs, cultivated in a mixture with Alfalfa Seed
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Author: N. F. Nadtochayev, A. N. Romanovich, D. N. Volodzkin, D. A. Mochalov
Article code: UDC 633.2/.3:631[584.5+559]

Keywords: alfalfa, perennial grasses, pelyushko-barley mixture, yield, green mass, dry matter, crude protein, feed units, exchange energy.

// Мелиорация.– 2022. – №1(99) – P 35–42

In 2020–2021, productivity and the nutritional value of alfalfa in single-species and mixed crops were studied on cohesive-sandy soil with an increased content of humus, phosphorus and potassium, on the basis of which it was concluded that the greatest productivity with good quality indicators of green mass is provided by the option of its spring sowing with a seeding rate of 6 million germinating seeds per 1 ha in a pea-barley mixture (0.8 million/ha + 3.0 million/ha). There may also be variants of both single-seeding of alfalfa (12 million/ha) and mixed with awnless kostretz, meadow fescue or meadow timofeevka (6 million/ha of legume and cereal components each), which showed a high collection of fodder protein units in the second year of grass life.