Yield value of yellow-flowered alfalfa cultivated on agricultural peat soils of Polesie

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Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: A.V. Yuzupanov, L. N. Luchanok , O. V. Ptashats
Article code: UDC 633.312:631.81 : 631.445.12

Keywords: yellow-flowered alfalfa (Medicago falcata L.), agricultural peat soils, vegetative shoots, yield,seeding rate, mineral fertilizers

// Мелиорация.– 2021. – №1(95) – P 38–44

The article presents the results of the research, conducted in 2016–2020 on agricultural peat soils of the Polesie region. The impact of agrotechnical methods of yellow-flowered alfalfa (Medicago falcata L.) cultivation on the formation of yield of green mass was studied. It was established that the yield of yellow alfalfa was the maximum with no-cover sowing. The best seed rate is 24 kg/ha, regardless of the sowing method. The total yield of yellow alfalfa with a cover crop with an increase in the seeding rate to 18–24 kg / ha is comparable to the yield of alfalfa with non-cover sowing. The yield value was improved by increasing doses of fertilizers to P90K90