Effect of potassium fertilizers on the productivity of perennial cereal grasses on peat-gley soil
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Author: N. N. Tsybulkа, E. B. Evseev, I. I. Zhukova
Article code: UDC 631.559. 631.83: 631.445.12

Keywords: peaty-gley soil, potash fertilizers, rates, perennial grasses, productivity, efficiency 

// Мелиорация.– 2020. – №1(91) – P 56–60

It was found that the highest productivity of perennial grasses on peaty-gley soil with optimal parameters of its availability of mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium is provided by the use of P90K180 (P90K120 – for the first mowing and K60 – for the second mowing), which is 67.9 C/ha of hay or 34.6 C/ha of feed units. With the payback of rates of phosphorus and potash fertilizers P90K120 by adding hay on average 4.6 kg per 1 kg of RK, increasing the rate of potassium to 180 kg/ha increases the payback of fertilizers to 7.1 kg of hay.