The study of the speed regime of transportati on of slurry of blurred sediments (pulp) in drainage pipelines
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Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: N. N. Pogodin, A. S. Anzhenkov, V. A. Bolbyshko
Article code: UDC 631.3:626:862.91

Keywords: drainage pipelines, slurry (pulp), density, volume concentration of slurry, critical velocity, calculation formulas

// Мелиорация.— 2020. – №1(91) – P 5—14

The most common formulas for calculating the critical speed of pulp transportation in communal and industrial pipelines are analyzed. Calculations were carried out to determine the volume concentration, density of the slurry, as well as the critical speed of transportation of slurry of sand deposits in drainage pipelines with a diameter of 75…125 mm.