Classification of high water and high water protection measures systematization
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Author: A. V. Petrochenko
Article code: UDC 001.8:626/627:627.4

 Keywords: system analysis, high water, high water classification, high water risk hot spot, types of high water protection, high water protection options

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №3(89) – P 30—37

High water issues as an essential component of the modern global water problem on the planet are considered. In view of the structural complexity and the urgent need for an effective solution to this problem, the expediency of high water classification and protection measures systematization has been proved. The classification of floods of various intensities has been performed. A systematic scheme of hydraulic high water control measures has been developed. Two types of high water protection are considered: situational and preventive, and the main types of situational and preventive high water protection measures are highlighted. Recommendations on choosing the most effective options for protective measures at the stage of integrated high water risk management in river basins are given.