Study of working conditions for side drainage of spray ponds
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Author: V. I. Seleznev, I. Ch. Kazmiruk, L. N. Yushin, S. S. Kopachenya, E. S. Moroz
Article code: UDC 626.862:621.311

 Keywords: spray pond, geotextile, side drainage, filtration

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №3(89) – P 20—29

The calculation of groundwater inflow to the side drainage of the spray pond is given. A series of laboratory experiments was carried out to determine the averaged filtration coefficient as it is impossible to obtain data on the water intake capacity of wall drainage structures due to the boundary conditions of the formula. In laboratory conditions at the experimental installation, the results of the water intake of wall drainage structures with expanded clay and crushed
stone as filter layers of the inverse filter were obtained. According to the obtained empirical formulas, water drainage was calculated by 1 m of reservoir drainage. Conclusions on the appropriateness of using wall drainage construction with expanded clay, medium-grained sand and geotextiles as the separation membrane of the filter layers and the separation membrane of the filter layers are drawn.