Features of the use of large-scale agricultural equipment at land-reclamation facilities
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Author: A.I. Mitrakhovich, V.M. Makoed, A.P. Sergeenya, S.M. Lavushev
Article code: UDC 631.51


Keywords: contour fields, the rate of time, headland, turning radius, the length of the rut, pen

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №2(88) – P 42—46

The article discusses the factors affecting the efficiency of tillage by large-scale agricultural equipment at land reclamation facilities. It is noted that the effectiveness of its work largely depends on the size of the contours of the fields, especially in areas with a dense network of channels. The time losses on the headland are shown depending on the rut length, as well as a result of a decrease in the productivity of the machines due to the small contour.
Possible turning radii are recommended depending on the width of the grip, as well as the parameters of the pens, taking into account the location of the dryers and the agricultural use of reclaimed land. The data obtained will allow the development of land-improvement systems of improved designs, which will ensure the intensive use of aggregates with large-scale agricultural equipment due to the partial replacement of channels with plastic pipes of large diameter.