The improvement of technological methods of irrigation by sprinkling machines of circular actions “Cascade”
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Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: L.A. Zhuravleva, V.A. Soloviev
Article code: UDC 631.347

Keywords: sprinkling machine, irrigation rate, speed, time, irrigation, sector.

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №1(87) – P 78—82

Improving the quality of irrigation requires improvement of irrigation technology to ensure rational use of water and energy, maximum adaptation to the region. Based on the analysis of the existing technology of irrigation with electrified circular sprinkling machines,
technological methods are proposed. They are to be adjusted irrigation norms depending on the availability of soil moisture during irrigation of machines with reverse. Using the results of research, it is possible to provide increase in the rate of irrigation to runoff, water conservation and the most gentle irrigation regime.