Agricultural drainage according to the relief mesoform
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Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: V. I. Zhelyazko
Article code: UDC 626.86:574.5:551.43

Key words: land drainage, drainage methods, drainage gutters, water bodies-digging, sinkholes, absorbing column 

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №1(87) – P 17—23

The aim of the work was to generalize the results of industrial research on the improvement of methods for drying loess-and-sink lands under the atmospheric water supply type. To summarize, at this stage it is recommended the following drying methods, most suitable for technical and economic factors. Firstly, it’s backfilling of closed depressions with the device through the saddle of the drainage gullies without additional measures. Secondly, it’s the organization of ecological niches by accumulation of surface runoff in water reservoirs with simultaneous backfilling of adjacent valleys and the use of one digging in an area of at least 10 hectares in the absence of drainage. The designs of the structures arranged on the drainage network for the removal of surface waters are proposed.