Conjugation water steps in pipe spillways and waterways
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Author: G.G. Kruglov, O.V. Nemerovets, D.V. Kazmiruk
Article code: UDC 627.823.54

Keywords: tower spillway, standpipe, conjugation water steps, compressed depth, apron

// Мелиорация.— 2019. – №1(87) – P 12—16

Tower spillways are widely used in the low-pressure and medium-pressure waterworks. Their hydraulic calculation is to determine their capacity and conjugation water steps. Conjugation water steps calculations for tower spillways as well as research data showed that existing recommendations for determination of compressed depth gave significant errors in finding the length of the apron on spillway. Analysis of laboratory test results have identified functional dependence of compressed depth on the pipe diameter and the headwater and tailwater depth, and get an empirical relationship. Usage of it within the specified boundary condition can determine the quantity of compressed depth and obtain reliable fixing parameters in the tailwater at the tower spillway.