Increase in productive capacity of degraded finely counter peat areas based on agrobiotechnology
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Author: T.Ju. Anisimova, A.A. Danilin
Article code: UDC 631.6 : 631.445

Keywords: degraded finely counter peat area, mineral fertilizers, perennial grasses, safe sowing for sod

// Мелиорация. – 2018. – №2(84).– P.51—56

The preliminary data of two-factor field study according mineral fertilizers impact and sowing of the clover-timothy mixture without damage to the sod are presented. The green mass of clover shoots is determined, the difference between the options with and without seeding was 68 kg/ha. Fertilizers N60P60K90 and N60P90K120 gave a significant difference of 38–45 kg/ha. Option with grass sowing and N60P90K120 is the most profitable, yield increase according control variant was 148 kg/ha