Profitability of mineral fertilizers for perennial legume-cereal grasses on anthropogenic-transformed peat soil
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Author: N.N. Tsybulko, I.I. Zhukova, A.V. Shashko, S.S. Romanenko
Article code: UDC 631.82 / 83

Keywords:  nitrogen fertilizers, anthropogenic-transformed peat soil, potash fertilizers, doses, perennial grasses, efficiency, profitability

// Мелиорация. – 2018. – №2(84).– P. 43—50

Phosphoric and potash fertilizers added to anthropogenic-transformed peat soils in P90K120 doses for perennial legume-cereal grasses provide profitability of milk industry of 95 %, if the dose is increased up to 180 kg per ha, the profitability of 108 % will be obtained. Dose of K240 reduces profitability to 107 %, despite the increase in benefit in relation to P90K180 variant. Fractional application of N60 (30 kg per ha nitrogen fertilizer under the first and second cuttings) on P90K180 base is recognizes as more profitable method for perennial legume-cereal grasses which are used in milk industry. Benefit is 1172.84 rub. per ha (591.1 U.S. dollar per ha), profitability of production is 119 %.