Liming of acidic soils. Some aspects
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Author: P.Ph. Tivo, V.N. Philipov
Article code: UDC 631.5 : 633.2

Keywords:  clover hybrid, herbage, seed productivity, vegetation, budding, technology of cultivation

// Мелиорация. – 2018. – №2(84).– P. 33—42

Spring sowing of clover hybrid Krasavik on drained sod-podzolic medium loamy soil formed better structure of herbage than early spring one did, due to higher amount of seeds on the plant head (in 1.4 times more) the productivity of seeds was higher in 2.6 times. Fertilizing of some clover areas with boric acid and maksibor 21 twice a vegetation (growing and budding phases) improved crop structure of clover for seedlings and also increased number of heads, seeds in a head, mass of 1000 seeds and productivity too. Boric acid is more profitable fertilizer.