Meadow herbage to produce feed of optimum zootechnical parameters
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Author: A.L. Birukovich, R.T. Pastushok, A.L. Zinovenko
Article code: UDC 633.2/.3 : 636.085.1

Keywords:  meadow cereal and legume herbages, alfalfa, crude protein, silage in trench, silage in polymer film, digestibility and digestibility coefficient of nutrients of silage

// Мелиорация. – 2017. – №3(81).– С. 48—53

Being enriched with mineral fertilizers legume grasses with alfalfa or clover hybrid provide high productivity in three slopes. Herbage with alfalfa is characterized as drought-resistant and increase its own percentage in grass mixture up to 34.2–57.8 %. Averagely every percent of legume component in herbage increased the content of crude protein in its dry mass by 0.31 %. The cereal-legume silage with alfalfa harvested in a polymer film had better digestibility and the nutritional value of its dry matter was higher in terms of fodder units (by 5.6 %) and exchange energy (by 3.9 %) than in silage from trenches. Main technical features to produce silage in a polymer film are presented in article.