Irrigation by wastewater of pigs complexes affects biogeneous pollution of ground waters (on the example of JSC “SHC “Zapadny”)
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Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: A.A. Volchek, O.E. Chezlova, M.M. Dashkevich, A.N. Litskevich, M.V. Gulkovich, O.A. Chernichko
Article code: UDC 631.67 : 631.86

Keywords: wastewater, groundwater, drainage water, surface water, biogenic elements, chemical oxygen demand, heavy metals

// Мелиорация. – 2017. – №2(80).– С. 51—58

The effect of irrigation with clarified livestock sewage on the state of groundwater in the zone of influence of agricultural irrigation fields is studied. Quantitative parameters of the basic chemical parameters are given and their spatial structure is presented. Priority chemical pollutants of groundwater were biogenic forms of nitrogen, copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, chromium.