Soil productivity at loess loams draining
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Author: I. Kazmiruk, E. Shkutov, A. Mitrakhovich, V. Derevyanko, V. Ivanov
Article code: UDC 631.44 : 631.6

Keywords: cavity, loess loams, reclamation system, income, land productivity, drainage modes, yield productivity

// Мелиорация.— 2015. – № 2(74) – С 97-107

The article presents the data on the growth soil productivity at loess loams draining. Various methods of draining are analyzed, the most effective ones are recommended for loess loams draining. Due to activities which include various methods and modes of draining soil water air regime, growth conditions for agricultural crops and crop yield are improved. The reclamation activity was estimated in terms of seeded area increase and growth of agricultural crops. Obtained data prove the expediency of reclamation activity on soils with atmospheric type of water supply which are formed by loess loams which area is covered with bushes of 30% and more.