How to reduse construction cost of hydroelectric power plants on the major rivers of Belarus
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РУП "НПЦ НАН Беларуси по земледелию"

Республиканское научное дочернее унитарное предприятие
Author: G. Kruglov, M. Bychenya, M. Panasjuk
Article code: UDC 621.311.21 (476)

Keywords: waterworks, hydro electricity station, concrete dam, non-vacuum weir, vacuum weir

// Мелиорация.— 2015. – № 2(74) – С 77- 83

Hydraulic research was carried out to test the flow through the vacuum spillway in the case when spillway whole is opened completely or partially. The curves of the pressure distribution on the spillway surface are obtained. The use of dams designed according to coordinates of N.P. Rozanov is possible in building hydropower stations on the rivers of Belarus. Vacuum-free spillway was replaced by vacuum spillway in the water station of Polotsk hydroelectric power station, the economic effect of such replacement is demonstrated in the article.