Reducing of electricity consumption on drainage pumping stations of reclamation systems based on the control of motor rotation speed
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Author: A. Rusetsky
Article code: UDC 631.624

Keywords: pumping station, polder reclamation system, rotation frequency of electric motors, frequency converter, electricity costs, coefficient of efficiency

// Мелиорация. – 2015. – №1(73).– С. 76-84

 Conditions of electricity consumption reducing on drainage pumping stations of reclamation system equipped with a outfall are shown. The article demonstrates that reduction in water intake during vegetation period at the constant pump speed leads to excessive costs of electricity, but reducing of the pump speed save electricity. Methods of optimization the process of water pumping with minimal costs are given. Possible energy saving in the hydrological conditions of 2011 on polder “Zhuk” is determined, which would make 32.2% of the annual costs in the case of frequency converter using to regulate pump speed on the one of motors.