Drainage filters for reclamation systems
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Author: A. Mitrakhovich, I. Kazmiruk
Article code: UDC 626.862

Keywords: poor water absorption, geotextiles, drainage, drainage runoff, siltation, ochering, protective filter materials, mudding, filters

//Мелиорация. – 2015. – №1(73).– С. 54-67

Causes of poor water regime on areas drained by tube drainage are analyzed. The most important of them are causes reducing the effectiveness of drainage work and affecting the ability to absorb water. The most essential are silting of drainage pipes and mudding of perforation holes in drainage pipes or protective filters. The range of activities and sequence of its implementation are developed to estimate technical condition of drainage systems, protective filtering materials and nonstructural filters. The most common cases of reduction of drainage efficiency are presented. The range of activities and methods to define technical condition of drainage and ability of drainage pipes to absorb water are offered. This method can be used in developing of reclamation systems. The method of determining the ability of drainage systems to absorb water on field area is tested. Author gives us recommendation how to select protective filters in incoherent, peat soils and loams, which should be used during the reconstruction of reclamation systems.