Structure and scope assessment of exploitation during normative maintenance of reclamation systems
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Author: V. Titov, G. Levin
Article code: UDC 631. 3: 626: 86

Keywords: reclamation systems, technical maintenance, agromeliorative activities, reconstruction, scope of work, specific indicators

// Мелиорация.—2015. – № 1(73). – С. 7-18

Authors give  us  the  structure  analysis  of  reclamation  activities,  which are carried out  under the  State Program of  2011 - ­2015, which is aimed to conserve and use the reclamation lands rationally. The specific volumes of major works are identified according to the types of activity on the area of 1000 hectares and regional features. Analysis is performed and preliminary conclusions about the direction of transformation of work structure for normative maintenance are presented.