Agrotechnical cultivation of alfalfa and corn under Poozerie conditions.
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Author: P.Tivo, H.Nadtochaev, S.Krutko, K.Sakvenkov, L.Saskevich
Article code: UDC 631.5:633.31:633.15

Keywords: drained soils, alfalfa, comb sowing of corn, terms of sowing, fertilizing dozes, weed control

// Мелиорация. – 2014. – №2(72).– С. 162-173

The basic agronomic and land improvement techniques, allowing to provide the productivity of alfalfa and corn silage at least 6-7 t feed unit per ha, especially when using a raised bed planting technology of the cultivated crops. We also give a method for calculating the required area of cultivation of alfalfa to balance the green mass of corn in digestible protein.