Influence of ways of the main processing on water -physical properties anthropogenous the transformed peat soil, a contamination of crops and productivity of corn on green material
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Author: N. Semenenko, E. Karankevich, N. Avramenko
Article code: UDC 15:631.51:631.445.12

Keywords:  peat soils, water physical properties, fertilizer doses, productivity

// Мелиорация. – 2014. – №1(71).– С. 59—66

The article presents the results of research to identify the most effective ways of combinations of basic soil tillage (plowing to a depth of 20 - 22 cm, tillage with no loosening of overturning a depth of 16 - 20 cm and superficial tillage to a depth of 10 - 12 cm) and various systems of fertilizer, in the cultivation of maize for green mass in anthropogenically - transformed peat soils