The studying of the permissible intensity intermittent irrigation on soddy-podzolic loamy soils (on the example of the Bauer rainstar t-61 machine)
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Author: V. Zhelyazko, V. Lukashevich
Article code: UDC 631.67:631.445.2

Keywords: limit intensity, acceptable standards, intermittent sprinkling

// Мелиорация. – 2014. – №1(71).– С. 31—37

s a result of performed experiments, were found the values of allowable intensity intermittent irrigation soddy-podzolic loamy soils with a frequency of rotation of the staff of 0,7 rpm that can be used for the selection of appropriate irrigation systems under conditions listed above. Also set the values of allowable irrigation depth and time of sprinkler irrigation for дальнеструйной machine Bauer Rainstar T-61, which is not formed by surface runoff.