Automation of design of reconstruction of reclamation systems with use of digital model of the relief in GIS
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Author: N. Vakhonin, L. Oskirko, S. Shumsky
Article code: UDC 631.6: 631.1

Keywords: design automation, reconstruction of reclamation systems, relief, fractal surface, GIS, relief matrix, reclamation network, runoff channel, catchment area, submarine well, surface runoff

// Мелиорация. – 2014. – №1(71).– С. 7—21

The article presents the algorithms of automation design reclamation systems in the reconstruction using GIS. Questions of construction of digital elevation model to find fill landforms with the required accuracy, given the fractal shape of the land surface by means of Model builder. The developed model for the automated calculation of matrix relief characteristics required for the design of reconstruction: bed natural runoff, swales, catchment areas, taking into account the impact of the existing channel network